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Hello - My name is Brent Nielsen

and I would like to help you - Who am I?

I am a Licensed & Insured Contractor and have the knowledge, skills and tools to help you out.

As a general rule, I charge between $60-75/hour - the charged amount depends on the size and length of the job, travel time, and costs of materials (or trips to the hardware store).  But I work quickly and as efficient as possible.  Prior knowledge and planning for your project(s) will help both me and you.  Experience has proven that doing jobs on a "Materials + Labor" basis is the most economical for my customers, but I can also give bids on jobs, if you prefer.

Please contact me for quotes on specific work or jobs you want done.

I grew up in the Construction Industry and was apprenticed by a very meticulous craftsman (my father).  He was a Master Carpenter, detail-oriented, and had very high standards in all he did.  I began working on his "clean-up" crew when I was 5-6 years old and eventually, over time, was instructed in his trade.  Even more importantly, I learned the value and inner satisfaction of a 'Job well done!'

By age 14, I was a full contributor on his Finish Crew and would spend every summer vacation working with him on Commercial Finish Carpentry jobs.

When not working on Commercial jobs, my Dad kept me (and my brothers) busy helping family, friends and neighbors with any odd jobs: framing houses, building decks, cleaning ditches, shoveling snow, etc., etc..

Through this work, I became very familiar with the construction industry and eventually was able to learn other parts and aspects of the other trades too.

While serving an LDS mission, I was placed in charge of the physical operations and repairs of all the apartments in my mission and served in that capacity for seven months. While studying at college, I worked as maintenance personnel in the apartment complex where I was residing.  I kept up the maintenance of 45 apartment units as well as the grounds and handled the renovations and improvements of those properties for 18 months.

After graduation, I was approched by a local builder, who knew of my personal and family background and was offered a job as a Construction Foreman/Superintendent in his company.  I applied my expertise and knowledge in this field for ten years and helped build over 300 quality home in the Salt Lake Valley.  Most of the homes, at that time, were valued in the $200,000 to $350,000 range with many upgrades and custom details.  Upon retiring from building homes, my employer kept me on as his personal 'handyman' for another three and a half years.

Now, for the last several years (12+), I have continued to use my knowledge and expertise to help homeowners, realtors, and property owners/managers take care of all sorts of large and small projects.

I will continue in this trade for many more years and hope to have the opportunity to serve you!

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